10 AM Sunday Morning Service

(Primary In-Person Sunday Service with Live Streaming on Facebook)

8 AM In-Person Sunday Morning Prayer Service


Welcome to Epiphany!


Marina is a city that is at the crossroads of our county and one of the most diverse cities in the nation. The opportunity to meet so many people, from so many places adds adventure and fun to our community. As one of your neighbors, we would like to take a moment to introduce our special community within Marina - Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church.

We are a true blend. Diversity for us is more then a culture or ethnicity. It is the way of our faith life. With both the Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal Churches coming together under one roof, we truly express diversity in our walk of faith.

We do not always see the world through the same eyes of experience, so we search and celebrate the faith touchstones that can bring us to a commonplace of experience. Our Sunday Worship and experience is a blend of historical traditions, worldwide community, contemporary music, as well as prayer and fellowship of other sojourners; all with a focus on the integrity of our blended community.

What will you see at Epiphany? Our average Sunday worship is about 45 people, in a small chapel (Church membership is over 120 and growing. But, not everyone comes every Sunday). However, the chapel is still large enough, that if you want to be quietly unnoticed and check things out, you can. Music that is contemporary (not Praise), with a choir that will amaze you. We do not seek perfection in the worship, we celebrate our gifts. Some people dress casual and some in their Sunday best. You will see a community dedicated to community service and making our world a better place. We strive for excellent preaching every Sunday (We realize that even the preacher can not reach perfection every Sunday). However everyone will welcome you, and we can promise that you can be you; the whole you!


Our Vision

Unity + Diversity + Charity


Our Mission

Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church is an inclusive community, grounded in the Gospel and compassion of Jesus Christ, embracing all individuals and families, and committed to making a difference in our world.

We live this mission by being a place where:

+ We celebrate our diverse traditions and our unity in Christ;

+ Each person's individual journey into Christ is honored, respected, and nurtured;

+ All are invited to take an active role in the life of the Church;

+ We actively support the health and well-being of our neighbors.


What does "Diversity" mean at Epiphany

20% With Disabilities

15% LGBT

5% Latino

8% African-American

2% Native American/First Nations

10% Asian/Pacific Islander

3% Middle Eastern

16% Seniors

17% Under 18



  • Save The Date.....

    January 20th from 4 until 7 P.M.

    A delicious and authentic spaghetti dinner in both vegetarian (Marinara sauce) and non (Meat sauce) . Included are a generous helping of sauce, pasta, a slice of garlic bread and a small bottle of water. I will also provide Parmesan and/or crushed red pepper.

    All this for a suggested donation of $10. Proceeds will benefit all of Epiphany's Mission Programs. Contact Emma Booton for more information or questions.

  • First Sunday Potluck

  • Christmas Gift Wrapping Party

    Saturday December 16th from 8 AM to 2 PM. Come help us wrap hundreds of Christmas Gift for Epiphany's Children's Christmas Gift Program. We will have plenty of tape and scissors (Please do not bring scissors). Extra Gift Wrap is always welcomed. 

  • Christmas Eve Family Candlelight Service

    Christmas Eve Service - No Christmas Day Service

  • Wine Fundraiser for the holidays!

  • Gift Card Fundraiser

    Updated Flyer with corrected Enrollment Code. RaiseRight is a year round fundraiser for Epiphany...anytime of the year. 

  • JCM Free Thursday Dinner